Pirate Quest

Is there a similar game to Pirate Quest? This is a question some fans might be curious about.

Once there were a lot of colorful and interactive text-based RPGs like Pirate Quest available. Today, there are only a few.

(Image credit: OnRPG)

So, what are the games that are similar to Pirate Quest?

Here are two of our favorites:

Pirate Clan

You can master the high seas, plunder for treasure, and battle against other captains in this epic text-based pirate browser MMORPG.

Pirate themed myspace game Pirate Clan's homepage

Drink with yer mateys, rob a buccaneer, sabotage a rival’s ship, raise yer Jolly Roger and search for buried treasure. Take everything and give nothing back. You can check out Pirate Clan here.

Pirates: Rule the Caribbean

A screenshot of Zynga's Pirates Rule the Caribbean game
(Image Credit: Business Insider)

Pirates: Rule the Caribbean was a pirate adventure/strategy game by Zynga that many players enjoyed. It was released on Facebook in 2011.

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