iMob Online
Weapons section of iMob Online displaying on an iPhone

iMob was a game designed for iPhone and iPad devices. It allowed players to create their own mobster, who would be part of a gang.

The game received mixed reviews from critics who felt the graphics were not up to par with other games in the same genre. The gameplay also received criticism from some reviewers who felt it did not offer enough depth. However, others praised its simplicity and its ability to be played in short bursts of time.

iMob Online game cover

Can You Still Play iMob?

The game is not available on the App Store anymore. There is no information about why the game was removed from the store.

Is There a Game Similar to iMob?

Yes, there is.

iMob was heavily influenced by the Facebook game Mob Wars. The social aspects of the game stood out to players, just like Mob Wars. So, if you’re looking to play a game like iMob, you should consider Mob Wars.

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